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Underdog Literature February 2013 WordPress.

Here are 15 books that caught my interest lately.

Fresh, off-beat, quirky or curious titles that might deserve more attention:


01: ALEJANDRO SAMBA, „Ways of going home“, 160 pages, January 2013. [Chilean]

02: MEG WOLITZER, „The Interestings“, 480 pages, April 2013.

03: CARLENE BAUER, „Frances and Bernard“, 208 pages, January 2013. [Episolary Novel about Robert Lowell and Flannery O’Connor.]

04: TEDDY WAYNE, „The Lovesong of Jonny Valentine“, 304 pages, February 2013.

05: KRISTOPHER JANSMA, „The unchangeable Spots of Leopards“, 274 pages, March 2013.

06: ELLIOT HOLT, „You are one of them“, 304 pages, May 2013.

07: WILLIAM H. GASS, „Middle C“, 464 pages, March 2013.

08: ALAN WARNER, „The Deadman’s Pedal“, 376 pages, 2012.[Coming-of-Age, Scotland]

09: FREDERIC MANNING, „Her Privates We“, 288 pages, 1930. [War, Australia]

10: RENATA ADLER, „Speedboat“, 192 pages, 1976. [Novel / Vignettes / Cultural…

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